Thursday, 10 March 2011

web hosting ranking

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SEO Web hosting is a newer class of Web hosting services targeted at SEO specialists and tech-savvy website owners who are looking for that competitive edge when it comes to improving their website's SEO. We'll take a look at how using SEO Web hosting can boost your site's page rank and make managing your websites more convenient.Identifying which are the top ranking web host companies among the many that offer hosting can seem like an impossible task. This article explains how to cut to the things that really distinguish the best web hosts from the rest and tells you how to find those companies.
For SEO marketers, or anyone who is building a comprehensive search engine marketing campaign, SEO Web hosting is one of the most powerful and easiest ways to improve search rankings and outperform competitors. That's because SEO hosting focuses on bringing geographically diverse Class C IPs to clients. When a client is able to manage numerous Class C IPs that are originating in various locations throughout the world, search engines pick up on the fact that users are interfacing with a website that maintains a global presence.